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This week’s Singles Club is not covering Cheryl Cole’s new video because… Well, because we just reviewed her album and frankly she’s getting enough coverage in the greater world isn’t she? So we thought bugger it. Just so we’re clear. What we are featuring though is the likes of Alphabeat, Addictive, Imogen Heap, Foo Fighters, Miike Snow and Los Campesinos! who are all aces…

Addictive – Domino Effect

RealMusic Blog went to see these two perform live and unplugged and they were sensational – tiny frames, HUGE voices. This debut single is what happens when you slam raw talent into a pop oven and blow-dry till smooth. The girls are all basques and pointy bras while blokes dance and play dominoes – see what they did there? It’s sassy and full of oomph but we’d like their next single to be more stripped, showing exactly where their awesome vocals can take them.

Alphabeat – The Spell

“You put a spell on me I don’t know what to do…” croons former blonde singer Stine who’s gone redhead for this, the first single from Alphabeat’s new album due out next January. The success of first LP This Is Alphabeat has obviously seen more cash thrown at the Danish popsters as they turn out for this video all shimmering and suited – take a look and it could easily be lifted from TOTP circa 1985. The twist with this single is that Stine takes the lead, with Anders content to smash his tambourine for the most part. The keyboards chime, the guitars twang and the sugar-coated pop is done to perfection. Alphabeat do what they do so very well – if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Miike Snow – Black And Blue

The next single taken from Miike Snow’s debut Miike Snow is a light and airy beat-driven track with Andrew Wyatt’s hazy vocals dripping from the seams. The track is infectious with a chorus that sounds like a souped-up Style Council and verses that bleed electro-pop. Meanwhile, the short film that accompanies it features more than its fair share of beards but also robot mannequins playing drums. Nice touch.

Foo Fighters – Wheels

The Foo Fighters release their Greatest Hits album next month and this track comes out this week, showing that the fellas have lost none of their knack for a cool, affecting tune. The video ain’t that inspiring – perhaps they’re bored of dragging up? – showing as it does Dave Grohl and co shaking their hair in unison and rockin’ out. But when the song is this strong, who cares?

Imogen Heap – First Train Home

We’ve all been there – you’re at a party, you’re not really into it and all you can do is watch the clock slowly tick around until you can jump on the first train home at 6am, bleary-eyed and craving your bed. However, most of us don’t take that experience and then turn it into a gorgeously lilting pop song – but then, we’re not Imogen Heap are we? The London chanteuse has already romped up the US charts with her new album Ellipse and this lead single shows why with its smart, sultry pop nouse. Next stop, UK.

Los Campesinos! – There Are Listed Buildings

This lot hail from the valleys of Cardiff and have been kicking around the indie scene for nigh-on three years now. Their video is like a short, sharp indie slap across the chops much like the accompanying full-tempo song and the film features a guy wearing one of those tops that everybody wore at festivals circa 2001. If this shows that Los Campesinos! are falling on hard times, rush out and buy/download this jaunty track now. It’s much better than loads of other stuff out there in a world where White Lies are lauded as genius. Yes, we know.

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