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This week’s Singles Club features women smearing and dancing, pregnant men and one imitating Brian Harvey. Has pop finally gone mad? Some might say….

Beverley Knight ft Chipmunk – In Your Shoes

Here’s the Queen of British Soul dressed as an extra from Mad Max, albeit a sexy, sparkly extra. Old school Top Of The Pops is the order of the day, with Bev’s backing singers shimmying in the background while the glittery one serves up a sweet soul treat, telling us to ‘get yourself a life and make it work…’ She should know. Meanwhile, in the audience Mr Munk has donned his traditional shades and is doing some awkward dancing/rapping. Bev, there was really no need – you’re leagues ahead of Chip Diddy Chip.

Vitalic – Poison Lips

The last Vitalic video showcased a woman with a discoball head, so they were going to have to do something pretty special to top that. Happily, this is equally odd with the spotlight turned on a not dis-pretty lady whose favourite pastime is smearing lipstick anywhere she can – her face, a zebra crossing, tube maps, lamps. You name it, she smears. In the background, French disco trills on in that Vitalic way – this could equally be a Hercules And Love Affair track too. We also like the ghostly wooing created by electronic machines. Top drawer.

N-Dubz – I Need You

The question surely is though, do we need N-Dubz? We’ve watched the video three times but we still couldn’t tell you the tune, apart from that it sounds like something that Taio Cruz would release – not quite as pants as Break Your Heart, but not far off. In other news, it also appears that N-Dubz have styled themselves on East 17 – tell me that Dappy is not attempting to be Brian Harvey. They may be from Camden, but they’ve certainly been infused with the spirit of the east. By the way love, you’re never going to pull a bird in a silly hat like that.

Weezer – If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)

Geek chic is alive and well with Weezer so if you were thinking about dumping your Bryll Creem and NHS specs, think again. The band clearly wish they’d been born in the 50s and don their usual Buddy Holly garb with aplomb along with this track which grabs you by the lips and French kisses you, no messin’. It wants you to love it and won’t let up until you acquiesce. Persistence is all in the game of love after all and we defy you to watch this without your heart swelling for Weezer. They might be a bit old and craggy in this modern age, but they still know how to produce a tune.

Will Young – Hopes And Fears

Will Young’s comeback single that preceeds the release of his The Hits collection on Monday has him employing his acting skills pretending to be pregnant. Thinking about it, Will’s always struck as the Earth Mother type so this isn’t too far-fetched – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want Will as their mum? Oodles of hats and he could lullaby you to sleep. Sign us up. Watch the video here.

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