Miike Snow Live Review


Miike Snow, ULU, London – February 11th

I designated last Thursday as Miike Snow Day, interviewing the trio in the morning and catching their live show in the evening. The Swedish/American threesome have been responsible for hits by Madonna, Kylie, Britney and Daniel Merriweather among others, but now they’re coming into their own with a live show that takes the tracks from their debut album and pumps up the volume, turning the gig into a mini-rave…

The boys appeared on-stage as part of HMV’s Next Big Thing series of gigs, although judging from the way the crowd sung along to their songs, Miike Snow are already well known to this lot. They opened with the alluring Burial, lead singer Wyatt hirsute and masked, prowling the stage like an American werewolf in London. His cohorts whacked drumsticks and ploughed keys with some gusto and the lights cruised the jumping room as they ran through their debut album. A Horse Is Not A Home was cut criminally short but Silvia kept the crowd in the zone and Plastic Jungle was also a highlight. Despite the fact that Wyatt’s mic kept failing at key moments, the trio still managed to get ULU bouncing, their live show injected with a dance energy that their record only hints at. Animal received the biggest cheer of the night, plastic pints being emptied into the air around the room as the group worked their samples, guitars and keyboards overtime. If Miike Snow don’t make it this year it’ll be a travesty.

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