Air – Love 2


The natty French duo of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel who make up Air know what they like and like what they know. Lounge-style downtempo chamber pop is their stock in trade and seeing as they do it so well, why change a good thing? That’s the mantra behind their latest opus Love 2, which caresses your ears from the off radiating a hearty glow of recognition to fans and a full-blown charm offensive to the uninitiated. Sure, it doesn’t take too many risks, but why fix what isn’t broken?

It’s over a decade since Air’s classic Moon Safari album aired and the Paris-based pair still sound fresh and uber-cool. Opening track Do The Joy might make you think that Air have been at the sauce, but the album soon settles into a rhythm, with So Light Is Her Footfall whipped to bubbly perfection and new single Sing Sang Song as surreal and sun-bleached as we’ve come to expect. Cinematic synth-pop stylings is what Air excel at and the scope of their tracks on offer here live up to that billing. Both wistful and winking, Love 2 ushers you in like a long lost lover and subtly seduces with its clever mix of synths, horns, keys and raindrops.

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