Alberta Cross Live Review


Alberta Cross,  South Of The Border, London – September 23rd 2009

Although they hail from London and Sweden, Alberta Cross have a heavily US-influenced blues-rock sound – think Kings Of Leon spliced with Pearl Jam + lead singer Petter Stakee trying to emulate Kurt Cobain and you’re pretty much there. Debut album Broken Side Of Time came out this week and their album launch party saw the band perform a full set to a rapt crowd before they head out on a heavy touring schedule that sees them take in America before coming back to the Europe in November…

Last night though was all about the here and now – and this quintet surely bring it live. Their sound is thunderous, their beats building and in guitarist Sam Kearney they have a player who’s a master of his craft, sliding up and down his fretboard with electric ease. The group – now living in Brooklyn after “a depressing time trying to make it in London” – brought out their initial EP The Thief And The Heartbreaker two years ago, which was rapturously received in South Of The Border’s sweaty basement, singer Stackee all hair, hat and pitch-perfect. New single ATX and album lead Broken Side Of Time also got the crowd rocking, as did opening number Song 3Three Blues with its wailing guitars and haunting vocals. Meanwhile Old Man Chicago showed off Alberta Cross’s blues-folk roots to a tee.

Alberta Cross don’t do anything that hasn’t been done before, but what they do, they do well. They’ve already supported Oasis, Neil Young and Bat For Lashes, but we reckon more serious headline slots are just around the corner.

Alberta Cross’s Broken Side Of Time is out now. For more:

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