Frankmusik Live Review


Frankmusik – Dingwalls, London, April 1st 2009

Known for his angular cheekbones and hair, Frankmusik – aka Vincent Frank – is on the brink of pop stardom, so what better way to celebrate than with a single launch show at Camden’s Dingwalls? Drawing his inspiration from the 80s, he showed up on time and seemingly dressed as a children’s entertainer (see pic above). We have to say that while we recognise the batwing era in his music, we certainly don’t recall it being clothed quite as cruelly…

Attire aside though, Frankmusik’s live show exploded with a slew of rangy hooks and raw energy – his recent time touring with Keane has obviously paid off. The evening began showcasing Vince’s beatboxing skills on the opening track Time Will Tell, a surefire future single that packs a chart punch. This was followed up by a tune that blatantly transposes new lyrics onto a backdrop of a speeded-up Golden Brown, plus a flurry of tracks from his July-released debut album Complete Me. These include the synth-laden Confusion Girl, the sugar-sweet Three Little Words and new single Better Off As Two, with its gorgeous hook and relentless beat.

Lyrically, Frankmusik is never going to win any prizes, his tracks being littered with cliched rhyming couplets. What he has got going for him though is a knack of writing frothy pop tunes, a willingness to go for the high notes even though he might not always reach them and the ability to look like he’s having a ball on-stage. Alphabeat are more polished, but there’s something quintisentially English about Frankmusik that’s terribly endearing. He bounced around constantly in front of his impressive light show, occassionally stopping to play his keyboard. However, Vince is all about keeping the energy levels high and the crowd engaged, which he managed with some style – even though this was his debut single launch gig, his fans sang along to most of the tracks and even seemed to know the dance moves, which bodes well.

Next up for Frankmusik is a support slot for the Pet Shop Boys – not bad for the boy from Croydon. He’s not quite showstopper material yet, but he can only get better.

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