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More... Livvi Frank – Automatik

I loved Livvi Frank’s last effort Now I’m That Bitch – her personality was a gust of fresh air in anane breeze of RnB guff. This is her next single and we still reckon she’s flying the flag for slick, R&B pop the like of which Britney would go offroad for – give it a listen and you’ll be humming it for days. It has an infectious hook and Livvi showing off strong thigh muscles as well as doing squats with some added shapes – or dancing as it’s more commonly known. She also hugs herself well which is an essential skill for a pop star.

Pixie Lott – Gravity

Having done a Duffy with last single Cry Me Out, Pixie’s people have now decreed she should do a Beyonce in her new video, albeit not nearly as cool by dressing up in black tutus rather than black leotards. Whatever, this song doesn’t seem to flow as well as her past efforts and neither does the video, the ballet being stiff against the constraints of a ballad. Let’s be blunt – it’s a bit bleedin’ dull. Still, on the plus side there’s no denying she’s purdy even if she has been grown in a lab at Universal.

First Aid Kit – I Met Up With The King

After watching tons of videos of the Pixie Lott or Alexandra Burke variety, it’s fab to watch one where the two leads are sitting crooning from the inside of a nylon tent from Argos that probably cost about £12.99, including two wafer-thin sleeping bags thrown in for free. First Aid Kit have been climbing the slightly overcrowded nu-folk ladder for the last year or so, but their campaign is gathering pace and this shot of guitary loveliness won’t do them any harm. Especially when they also sit cross-legged around a campfire to sing too. Genius!

Gaggle – I Hear Flies

Modern girl power in made-up, cloaked form, Gaggle are a gang of 20 women led by classically trained head honcho Deborah Coughlin who thought they’d release some music that wasn’t boys and guitars or girls in tight dresses – and for that alone we salute them. On but hang on, they’re good too! Chanting stuff like “I’m a drunk” and “I smell roses but I hear flies” over and over to a raucous backing beat, the girls play out a homage to Queen in the video, replete with neat fringes and the occasional wonky tooth to match. Watching is believing. Take it No.1 immediately please!

John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare

John Mayer is, well, how can I put it – a bit too American MOR for our tastes. You know – akin to Matchbox Twenty/Jason Mraz – ever so successful but, well, a bit feeble and sluggish. This new single nearly escapes that tag but then falls down to earth with a thud two-thirds of the way through when John goes off on an ill-advised rock solo. Oh dear, it was all going so well. And then I thought, maybe the song isn’t that good, it’s really the video that’s the thing with its clever-clever hi-techy-ness and teeny-tiny John. Essentially, this holds your interest for 75 seconds but then you might fall asleep. You have been warned.

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