The Invisible Live Review


The Invisible – The Social, London, February 17th 2009

The Invisible sound achingly cool, their video achingly arty. So it stands to reason that their music will be achingly unlistenable, right? Error, my friend. You see, we caught The Invisible at sweaty London bar The Social last week, performing a clutch of tracks from their debut album Monster’s Waltz. Far from disappearing up their own proverbials, the band concocted a patchwork of sounds both soothing and chastening – this arty trio may just have come up trumps with their chilled vibe, mellow directive and layered melodies…

But poster boys they’re not. Beardy, speccy and with no problem dabbling in excessive chequered shirts for the evening, the trio had the basement crowd captivated from the word go, including all the key tracks such as single London Girl and the Zane Lowe-championed Monster’s Waltz. They describe their music as ‘experimental genre-spanning spacepop’ which we applaud wholeheartedly. In reality though, they’ve got more in common with the downbeat soul of Massive Attack’s Karmacoma, the experimentation of Radiohead and the soul-funk heart of Prince. Singer Dave Okumu ruffles each track with his soft, dark vocals, as his bandmates hit their stride with urgent grooves or mesmerising dance beats. Electro reverbs, experimental drum patterns and haunting swirls pepper the tracks, which in a heartbeat skip from playful to angst-ridden. The Invisible are not easy to pin down.

Watching The Invisible live is a far more upbeat experience than their debut album portrays at times – the band themselves seem somewhat pained but eventually get into the groove. We hope that Monster’s Waltz is embraced with the love it was given and that its gentle embrace filters into London’s subconscious and beyond soon. If you get the chance, catch this lot before they implode.

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