Two Door Cinema Club Live Review


Two Door Cinema Club, The Garage, London – March 1st

Two Door  Cinema Club released their debut album Tourist History this week and as it’s been a regular on the RealMusic Blog playlist for weeks now we thought it about time we checked out the Northern Irish trio live. Plastic glasses of fizzy lager in hand and sticky floor stuck to, the lights dimmed and three fringes flopped in unison as the lads twanged guitars and pressed keys in an indie-electro way. I peered over the tops of heads as the threesome launched into their set with artistic gusto…

What is it that’s so appealing about Two Door Cinema Club? After seeing them live, it’s certainly not their on-stage persona which they might want to spend some time on. Apart from a few curt “cheers” post-songs, the lads let the music do the talking but we’d have liked to get to know them more in such a small room as the Garage. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that they can chisel a tune out of dust. Undercover Martyn, This Is The Life and Do You Want It All set the tone, along with the jaunty Something Good Can Work that hints at Vampire Weekend-like louche greatness, Alex Trimble’s delicate vocals holding true throughout. The set was tight, sounding like it could have just stepped out of a studio and I Can Talk and You’re Not Stubborn got the crowd jumping and hands pumping.

The trio whizzed through the set, their songs short, their strings sweating with the effort. They finished by cranking up the volume and letting loose with their guitars in a rock-band moment, but you get the impression that if they made a guitary mess, they’d clear it up themselves straight away. Arty indie and proud, we’re almost hoping that we can keep the secret to ourselves a little longer but it’s doubtful.

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