Liam Frost Live Review


The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London – April 13th

Liam Frost has an impressive head of hair – that’s the first thing that struck me on meeting him prior to his gig at London’s Tabernacle. He’s also someone that you’d be happy to go for a pint with, which came across in his hour-long set in the noted Notting Hill venue where he showcased songs from his latest album We Ain’t Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain. Frost admitted nerves to the crowd, but if he had them they didn’t show, his granite voice buffed to a shine and his guitar-playing faultless…

Frost is currently in the midst of a UK tour, but this was one of the few gigs that he brought along a band to, finances dictating that it’s normally just him and a six-string. The band certainly added to the evening, but a middle interlude which stripped it back to just Liam and a guitar showed that worked too – Frost with or without band was simply irresistable.

Surprisingly for a northern troubadour, Frost had his share of excitable girls batting eyes at him down the front – perhaps it’s the hair. But the draw for most are his melodic songs shot through with romance, tales of life and love, storytelling as art form. Frost’s voice too was a surprise – record doesn’t do it justice. Live, it thrilled with its gutsy charm and polished edges, especially on new single Good Things Are Coming Our Way which rinsed the top notes out with aplomb. Other stand-out tracks included Is This Love which was all raw emotion and then some; the raucous Division Street and Your Hand In Mine, minus Martha Wainwright.

In between songs, Liam conversed freely with the audience, telling stories about ghosts and drinking ale: “Much healthier than lager – I read it in Men’s Health so it must be true.” But the true storytelling was left for his songs and rightly so.

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