Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight

She’s had a break to pop out a baby, but now Christina is back and she realises it ain’t just Britney she’s up against these days – GaGa is now the reigning queen of ladypop. Can Xtina compete? The jury’s still out, but she’s doing her darnest here with a new video which splices up bondage, faux-lesbianism and a not insignificant amount of bare flesh. The result? A titillating three minutes with of screentime but nothing that she hasn’t done better before – the Diirty video is still a classic and didn’t seem to be trying to whip up as much controversy as this. Still, as Christina should know, girl-on-girl is de rigeur these days and Rihanna and GaGa have already ploughed the bondage furrough. Looking beyond the video, the track is solid but it ain’t no Pokerface or Womanizer. We await the album Bionic on June 8th to see her next move.

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