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Two Door Cinema Club have been whipping up a storm around the world on their never-ending tour which shows no sign of stopping with summer festivals, the US and Europe on their agenda. We caught up with bassist Kevin Baird to talk about their ever-rising star, signing for a French label and how that cat got on their album cover…

You’ve been on tour forever – how’s that going?

“We did a UK tour and it was sold out every night – people were singing along with all the songs, not just the singles which was mental and pretty overwhelming. We got our tour schedule in January and it filled the year and beyond – incredible.”

Do you get a different reaction in the rest of Europe to the UK?

“Definitely. London is one of the worst places to play – nobody moves! – but some cities are like that. Paris has always been phenomenal – we played with Phoenix the other day and the atmosphere was amazing. Everywhere in mainland Europe goes mad except Italy – we played Milan in Fashion Week and everyone was so cool – too cool for us!”

Tell me about making your album Tourist History

“It spans our entire history as a band – we wrote Undercover Martyn over two years ago and I Can Talk three weeks before making the record. We’d played a lot of gigs before we got a record deal so we knew which songs worked and which didn’t, which made choosing easy.”

You’re signed to a French label – how did that come about?

“People always think it’s going to be an interesting story, but it’s not – they heard us, liked us and signed us – simple as that. We did a show for them with La Roux and then couple of singles and the album – it was a slow process which suited us fine. Major labels were pushing us, but we got on with Kitsune and so we went with them. We don’t think this album is going to go to No.1 but we want to build slowly and they’re letting us do that.”

Your album cover is adorned with a starry-eyed cat – is that one of your cats?

“No – the guy who did our artwork, it’s his friend’s cat. We were looking at different artwork for the album but nothing clicked until this one which we all agreed on. I don’t even like cats so it’s a bit strange isn’t it?”

You’ve recruited a drummer – is he part of the band now?

“No – the three of us are best friends and have been writing together since we were 15 which works for us. He’s part of the live band experience but not part of the creative process that is Two Door Cinema Club.”

You gave up a university place to pursue music – what would you have studied?

“It’s going to make me sound like such a loser, but I applied to do history.”

No shame in that! As your venues are getting bigger is your rider getting bigger?

“I’m looking at it at the moment.”

What’s on it?

“Hint of lime Doritos, salsa, pitta bread, vodka, tea, mustard, butter.”

Don’t mix the mustard with the vodka – top tip.

“I’ll try not to…”

Have you heard one of your songs on the radio yet?

“We have and it was a bit strange. We’re also constantly getting text messages from friends saying that they’ve just heard us in McDonald’s, H&M or on Radio One which is amazing.”

Are you doing festivals this summer?

“We are – all over the world too. France, Japan, UK, Sweden – loads of them.”

What’s the most-played song on your MP3 right now?

“A French band called Say Cet – they’re really chilled and have lovely female vocals.”

If you could be the love child of any two artists, who would it be?

“Ozzy Osbourne and Cedric Rodriguez and from At The Drive-In.”

Watch Two Door Cinema Club’s latest video Something Good Can Work

Two Door Cinema Club’s new single Something Good Can Work  arelbum Tourist History are out now.

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