Tiesto Interview

Tiesto plays London’s Victoria Park this week, landing in the green, green grass on Friday July 30th. We spoke to the superstar DJ and he told us about coping with his hectic schedule and how he loves his job…

Hello Tiesto. It was reported recently that you had died in a car crash in California. You seem to die once a year – how does that feel?

“The amazing thing is I wasn’t even in the US when the rumour came out. Put it this way, it feels better to be able to tell everyone that I’m alive and well!”

You’re returning to Victoria Park for the second year running. You received such great reviews after last year’s event, so do you feel pressured to make it bigger and better this time around?

“Whatever I do, I always try and progress as an artist and a live performer so I’m always looking to make the shows better. Each show is unique depending on my set-list and the reaction from the crowd. They’re an integral part of the show.”

The Victoria Park event has definitely got a festival feel to it with a great line-up of acts performing across a number of stages – can we expect to see it again next year and after that?

“Absolutely. Why not?”

Your shows are renowned for being visually exciting and it clearly adds to the overall atmosphere. Is this something which you feel strongly about for the overall audience experience?

“It’s as important to me as anything else I do. I worked with an incredibly talented company from Montreal called Moment Factory to bring everything to life. It’s based much more on the video content for this tour and we have been working around the visual concepts of Kaleidoscope.”

You’ve worked and collaborated with a variety of people over the years. Is there anybody left that you’d like to work with or anyone in the pipeline?

“There’s always new artists that inspire me.  I recently remixed a Muse track, but would love to do something original with them.”

You’re fairly interactive with your fans over Facebook and Twitter. Do you think it’s important to keep connected with them? And do you enjoy it?

“It’s hugely important for me that I connect directly with my fans. I was tweeting like crazy during the World Cup and loved the responses I get back.”

As a Dutchman, how did you cope with the result?

“We did well to get to the final and came close to winning the whole thing so I have to be pleased with that. I actually performed in Marbella, Spain the night of the final so that was amazing!”

Your schedule is crazy-hectic – how do you keep fresh and stay alive through it?

“It is hectic but I love what I do so that keeps me going regardless of how I may be feeling.”

Lots of people have been talking about the decline of Ibiza – do you think it’s true and how are you finding it this season?

“I think it’s exaggerated. The crowds have been amazing this year, I just don’t see it.”

Trance has been in the limelight for a number of years now with yourself and Armin van Buuren dominating DJ Mag’s Top 10 poll – but where can it go next?

“I can only speak for myself, I try and evolve as an artist and a performer every year. For Kaleidoscope I worked with a lot of indie artists, on my next artist album it could be something completely different. I don’t think there’s a set plan for myself or trance as a genre, both will naturally evolve.”

You’re playing around the world – are you having a holiday this year or is a holiday for you staying home?

“I’m travelling so much that a home-cooked meal sounds pretty good right now. I’m not sure about my holiday plans right now, but I will take some time off for sure!”

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