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Since they released their eponymous debut in 2008 life has been something of a whirlwind for The Script. That album sold nearly 2 million copies and the band are household names now, even the US crumbling to their Irish charm. We went to Dublin last week for the launch of their second album Science & Faith – held, appropriately, in the Guinness Building – and caught up with drummer Glen Power to talk about their success and what the future holds…

Your new single For The First Time is about the hard times in Ireland and around the world right now…

“We wanted to write about the recession and how we can see it’s affected our family and friends. We’ve had the Celtic Tiger in Ireland for years and everyone was going crazy with their credit cards, but now times are hard. We wanted to write a song about that, but also with a message of hope because we knew a couple who felt like they were meeting each other for the first time when everything else was stripped away and what’s more important than that?”

Your songs tend to tell stories – are you influenced by country music which loves that sort of thing?

“Growing up in Ireland, there’s always music and songs. Somebody always pulls out a guitar – even at funerals! – and they’ll start singing and telling stories. It’s a very Celtic thing and it’s something that’s in us. So when we’re in the studio we do the same.”

Your new album Science & Faith is out today – did you get struck down with difficult second-album syndrome?

“Luckily, no. We’d been touring for so long that we had loads of ideas stored up so when we finally got a chance to sit down and write, it was like someone took straightjackets off us and we finally got a chance to express ourselves. We hope we’ve hit the nail on the head again…”

Your songs tend to have high notes in and a lot of lighter-in-the-air moments – is that something Danny goes in for?

“He does! He loves to get up on his toes and chase a note – he doesn’t feel like he’s working unless he’s doing that. He really bleeds for his art which is a great thing to have for a singer.”

You lyrics are very raw too, who writes them?

“That’s usually Danny or Mark – I haven’t gone through enough pain in my life yet…”

You produced your album and you’ve written for others too – what do you see more of in the future – The Script or working as writers/producers?

“We’re really happy writing with each other at the moment, so The Script is our key project right now. If we write with someone else or for someone else we might taint the brew and we don’t want to do that. We want to see how far we can push this right now.”

You’re based in London now, so playing Dublin must be special for you – do you get back much?

“Not as much as we’d like – the hard part of this business is being away from your family. But you’ve got to sacrifice in order to gain and our families are very supportive. You can’t complain though – there are people who would shoot me in the head to have my job!”

Does it make you smile when people say you’re the next U2?

“It’s hilarious – when you’re Irish, you’re in a band and you pick up a guitar, people say that you’re like U2. It’s a hugely flattering comment, but we’re not them and we’re not trying to be them. To have even a quarter of their success would be amazing!”

You supported U2 on tour in 2009 – how was that?

“That was the highlight of my career so far. As a kid I used to watch them and think ‘I want to do that’. Then, to walk out in front of 82,000 fans and hear them singing back our songs – it was great validation for us for sticking to our guns. We can’t thank U2 enough either for asking us to support them – they’re lovely guys.”

Next up is a UK tour…

“We’re really looking forward to playing Hammersmith in London. Six years ago when we moved over here Danny and I went to see The Fray there and said ‘wouldn’t it be amazing to play somewhere like this?’ And now we are. It is amazing!”

What’s the most played song on your MP3 player?

“Probably Elbow’s Seldom Seen KidGrounds For Divorce if my favourite. I whack that on when I’m getting in the shower – it’s got a great groove.”

If you could be the lovechild of any two artists alive or dead, who would it be?

“Elvis and John Wayne. I know he’s not an artist but can I have him? You didn’t want a woman did you?”

The Script’s new album Science & Faith is out today.

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