Have You Seen James Blunt’s New Look?

Remember James Blunt? He of the army background? Bit beardy, always hanging out with supermodels, high-pitched? Well, it seems our James has been to see a stylist and come out the other end of the shampoo and set with some Lego hair and JLS stylings. Now we’re not saying that we don’t approve, it’s just that a brief show of the above photo had ladies frowning and exclaiming ‘that’s never James Blunt!’ Well ladies, it really is. Honest. James is unveiling his new look to go along with his fresh-faced single Stay The Night, taken from new album Some Kind Of Trouble – listen to the new single by reading on…

Catchy that innit?

James Blunt’s new single Stay The Night is out on October 25th. Album Some Kind Of Trouble is out on November 8th.

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