JT: An Actor Not A Pop Star, Dahlink

Oh dear. Back in June 2009, I made an empassioned plea to Justin Timberlake in my day job blog to stop duetting, playing golf and being papped, and instead get back in the studio. I swooned over Justin’s first album Justified. I truly believed he brought sexy back with his second and last year, Mr JT promised that his third long-player would be with us in 2010. Well, we’re galloping towards Christmas at speed already and there ain’t no sign of Justin’s next album. In fact, he recently told Entertainment Weekly: “I just don’t know in what way I want to be involved with music anymore…” Say it ain’t so…

All this of course comes on the back of Justin now embracing an acting career, starring as he is in the upcoming David Fincher flick The Social Network alongside Jesse Eisenberg, which hits cinemas on October 15th. It seems that marrying up a career as a proper actor and sexy pop star is not something that JT is keen to do. “As an actor, I have to fight against my music career,” he recently commented.

So if you’ve been waiting patiently for JT to bring a lil’ more sexy back, you might have to get a tad more comfy in your chair. It seems Justin is putting acting first for now and in the meantime is waiting for the muse to strike him. “I’ll never stop making music, but does a painter make a painting because he has to by December 21st? No he doesn’t. It happens when it pours out of him and that’s how it is for me.”

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