Britney – Listen To Her New Single!

Britney’s everywhere this week eh? On Glee recently – don’t tell me you missed it – and now she’s gone and rush-released her new single on iTunes too. It was meant to be out on February 20th but Britney and her people simply COULDN’T WAIT. That’s how excited they are about it. Hold It Against Me is the track in question, in which Britters sings ‘You feel like paradise and I need a vacation’, followed by ‘If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?’ See what she did there? In between, Brit sings in that nasal auto-tuned way that she does and we’ve no doubt she’ll be cavorting about in the video sans very much clothing. A nailed on hit, then.

Listen to Britney’s New Single Hold It Against Me

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