Marla – Live Review

The Bowery, London – February 21st 2011

Marla was born and bred in London, but like any self-respecting popster she’s since done a bunk to LA to soak up the sun and spread the word with her music. She’s had some success too, being featured in QuickSilver videos as well as TV shows and films including Lindsay Lohan’s Labor Pains and HollyOaks Unsigned Bands. She returned to her native London last week, plugging her new single Betty The Raver along with a slew of other quirky tracks backed by a full four-piece band…

Marla’s style is tricky to pin down but what is certain is that she writes from the heart about what she knows – always a strong starting point. “My new single Betty The Raver is about my nan’s best mate,” she told a packed Bowery last week, before launching into sugar-coated track about a disco-dancing granny. Elsewhere, her lyrics soundtrack her life, her sound veering from Lily Allen-cockerney to rockabilly to fluffy pop.

For our money, Marla needs to pin down a more appropriate style – appearing in fishnets and heels didn’t seem to fit her music, although we approved of the go-faster glitter on the eyes. She’s got the writing talent, but her voice needs some extra oomph to catapult her higher than her rivals and make it stand out from the crowd. Sure, the girl can sing, but then so can so many others.

Check out Betty The Raver below…

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