Matt & Kim – Live Review

Matt & Kim – Relentless Garage, Islington, London – March 23rd 2011

Matt & Kim are from Brooklyn and they like to swear. Throughout their gig last night, motherfuckers abounded, as did drum-jumping, crowd-surfing, beer-chucking and sweat – buckets of sweat. By the end of their hour-long set, the two main protagonists along with the crowd were sung out and wrung out. We also all knew that we’d just been involved in a magical night of music. In short, last night Matt & Kim rocked London…

The pair are two former art students who conjure tunes out of drums and a keyboard mixed with their unstoppable combustion of energy. Short, sharp shocks of sound and vocals are their stock in trade, with Kim bashing the drums like Animal and Matt performing all sorts of gymnastics while cranking out his vocals. Songs new and old flowed throughout the set, each getting a rapturous reception as the duo shared stories in between. “I can’t stop touching my bangs – I’ve got Bieber fever!” Matt smirked.  Lessons Learned and Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare pogoed with oldie Yea Yeah; new kid Cameras was welcomed, while closer Daylight almost started a riot. The NYC duo also proved their worth as trance DJs, getting the crowd raising the rood with dance classics replete with club lighting.

You don’t just watch Matt & Kim shows, you participate in them. Last night, the crowd supported Matt while he crowd-surfed, Kim while she walked on them and blew up a pack of Matt & Kim balloons, let fly to orchestrated effect. All the while the crowd pogoed and sang along to every song, both Matt and Kim looked blown away. “It’s never been like this before over here,” a visibly moved Matt told us. “Never. Thank you so much you guys. We’re coming back again soon!” Let’s hope he’s not lying.

Matt & Kim’s new album Sidewalks is out on March 28th.

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