Take That – Kidz

Take That’s second single from Progress sees them go all period drama, albeit the period is Mad Max-meets-Babylon 5 – obvious when you think about it. Gary takes on the role of commander and strange as it is to say, amid the bling and dust Gary takes to the role with swarthy, husky aplomb – whoever thought we’d say that about Meester Barlow? Elsewhere, Jason and Howard take their beard-growing responsibilities to extremes, Robbie does his trademark grin and Mark shows off a haircut that transports him directly back to the Smash Hits Pollwinners Party, circa 1995. I miss Smash Hits. In the end, this video is yet another sign that Take That are turning into Queen slowly but surely, with the track itself being a glam-rock opus that’s an instant earworm. It’s only a matter of time before the curlers and fishnets come out, then there really will be trouble…

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