Here Come The Boys!

Big Time Rush feat. Snoop Dogg – Boyfriend

In the past few years, pop music has been dominated by the fairer sex with the likes of Perry, GaGa and Florence slapping the boys about with a condescending smile. “Keep trying boys, things might pick up…” But hang on a second. There are a couple of new boy groups on the pop block and they all have shiny hair, Colgate smiles and some even play their own instruments. Gasp! Welcome to the great buffet of pop Big Time Rush and The Kixx…

Big Time Rush

From across the Atlantic, Big Time Rush are made up of four awesomely monikered Americans – Logan, Kendall, Carlos and James. Oozing showbiz and chiselled cheekbones, the quartet are already stars Stateside with their own Nickeloden show and new single Boyfriend features Snoop Dogg on rapping duties. Bit of an odd combo we agree, but it works. Check out the video above and if you like what you see, the group are over in the UK next week for a show at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Get ready for some high-decibel screaming…

The Kixx

Our second lot of boys are not from America – rather, they’re from Reading, home of the Oracle and… erm… Reading FC. David, Dave, Jack and Robbie – collectively known as The Kixx – are filling the McFly-shaped mould currently vacant in the pop market, being four lads who write and play pure pop, no dance routines required. They’re just about to go on tour with Olly Murs and the lads clearly have an ear for a melody, with new single Already Gone an instant earworm. If Back To The Future hadn’t already been made, this lot would be doing the soundtrack. Already Gone is due out on June 5th – check out this Soundcloud link to give it a listen.

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