Atmosphere, GaGa, Azerbaijan!

After the torrid excitement of the Eurovision Song Contest and Brighton’s Great Escape festival over the weekend, we didn’t think there was much that would pique our interest musically today – but we were wrong. Because today news has reached that one of our very favourite bands are releasing a new album – Atmosphere’s The Family Sign is due out on June 20th. The collective’s last album – 2008’s When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold – was one of our favourite long-players of that year so we have high hopes for the new release from Slugs, Ant & friends. Check out the first single above, Just For Show

The Lady GaGa juggernaut rumbles on with her royal popness gracing Radio One’s Big Weekend in Carlisle, jumping out of coffins, wearing leather and studs and generally being mightily GaGa. In the build-up up to the release of album Born This Way on May 23rd, new single Hair will be available to download on iTunes from tonight and if you simply can’t wait to hear it, the album will be available to stream on from May 18th. Whoop, etc.

Following Azerbaijan’s shock win on Saturday at Dusseldorf’s 55th Eurovision Song Contest, winning singer Londoner Nikki Jamal has said how shocked she is. “Last month I was just a housewife, now I’m a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s my biggest dream,”  she commented. The winning entry Running Scared managed to rack up an impressive 212 points on Saturday, trouncing the UK entry, Blue’s I Can, which could only manage 100 points. Blue’s Simon Webbe was magnanimous in defeat though, saying: “It was a great night and the best song won – I think it was deserved and the audience decided.” As for me, I noted down the countries that didn’t vote for us and rest assured, I won’t be holidaying there anytime soon…


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