David’s Lyre Live Review

David’s Lyre, The Lexington, London – May 23rd 2011

I’ve been wanting to go to The Lexington for ages – it’s only round the corner from where I live but it’s one of those venues that I sail by on the bus and think, “Maybe this week…” So when I got an invitation to see David’s Lyre there on Monday, I knew my date with destiny had arrived. And the band? I expected them to be avant-garde with spiky twists in music and vocals – and they didn’t disappoint…

David’s Lyre are Paul Dixon and his merry band of musicians who employ all manner of keyboards, percussion and string instruments to create a swirling soup of sounds for Dixon to croon over – and croon he does, of a fashion. His voice has a mesmeric quality that sends your mind reeling as he spirals to the high notes before swooping to the lows, while managing to fool you into thinking that you’re back in 1983, Dixon’s blousy shirt and slip-on shoes only reinforcing that vibe.

David’s Lyre describe themselves as alternative, and they’re not far wrong. They stagger from audacious pop in one song to folk in the next, but then they’re not afraid to rock out either, so long as there’s a tambourine and some monastic chanting in the background. The crowd at The Lexington on Monday were completely smitten from the start. These Trees made you want to carry Dixon off stage gently; old favourite Tear Them Down rocked the joint; and new single In Arms was vibrantly delicate. “Sorry if we’re playing too many new songs, but better to do them when they’re fresh, eh?” quipped Dixon. Nobody disagreed.

In the currently 80s- drenched musical landscape, it’s great to see a band harking back to the alternative 80s and not just trying to be Spandau Ballet. But David’s Lyre aren’t just trying to emulate – rather, they’re clearly attempting to carve their own niche and with some success.

Download the Black Masa remix of Heartbeat by David’s Lyre for free – click here

For more: www.davidslyre.co.uk or www.myspace.com/thisisdavidslyre

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