Amy Winehouse Remembered

Amy Winehouse’s death last weekend was hugely saddening, but also massively predictable. The enigmatic star was a crack addict and an alcoholic and whether you’re famous or not, these two are quite often a deadly combination. What’s shocked me the most since her death was how shocked people seem to be by it – as if the recent abandoned performances and still-alive habits were a figment of their imagination. It’s true that music has lost a legend in her own lifetime in Winehouse and through her early death, she may now live on as one for many years to come…

Seeing the images of her funeral this week with her grieving family trying to come to terms with their loss brought the message home that at heart, Winehouse was a good family girl who’d found fame and taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. It’s ironic that her dad claims she was in a good place right now, but even he’d been preparing for this day, writing a eulogy for his daughter four years ago after she suffered a seizure.

For all of that though, the main thing I’ll remember Amy for are her heartfelt lyrics and her seminal album Back To Black that sprung out of heartache and managed to make a massive dent in musical history that now seems set to last forever. Here’s a clip of her at her best, singing Love Is A Losing Game at the 2007 Mercury Music Awards. You can’t teach talent like that.

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