Maverick Sabre – Look What I’ve Done

London-born and Irish-bred, Maverick Sabre brings to mind lapping waves and chilled out vibes while looking like a young Phil Mitchell – an interesting combination. Watch this exclusive clip of his performance of Look What I’ve Done at the Jazz Cafe last month though and you might get what all the hype is about. This gig, coupled with a Jools Holland appearance and support slots for Cee-Lo Green and Snoop Dogg have put the fella on the map of late, and new single Let Me Go is built around a classic Isaac Hayes sample, still showcasing Mav’s brilliantly distinctive vocal. Discovered by Plan B, get used to his voice because we think it’ll be inescapable soon.

Maverick Sabre’s new single Let Me Go is out on this week. To buy on iTunes, click here

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