Marina Returns In Sparkling Form

Remember Marina, her of the diamond fame? Well, she’s back with new standalone single Electra Heart: The Start that’s chopped into two pristine halves: Part One: Fear And Loathing and Part Two: Radioactive. If you can forgive the title mayhem and just concentrate on the sound, you won’t be disappointed – both of these tracks are dripping with splendour. On the basis of these we can’t wait for the long-player: the edgy yelping style is still there, but Marina’s sound has transformed into a whirling pop tour de force. Radioactive is primed for radio-play thanks to the twiddling talents of LA’s finest (read Dr Luke), but we also love Fear And Loathing, soaked as it is in an air of discontent, parading Marina’s gruff vocals. The only blip in the plan is that the full album isn’t out until next year. What a tease.

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