Susan Boyle Returns

Slightly bonkers superstar Susan Boyle returned to America’s Got Talent amid standing ovations recently to perform a world exclusive premiere of new single You Have To Be There from her upcoming third album, Someone to Watch Over Me. Said track was written by Abba legends Benny & Bjorn, originally hitting its stride in their popular Swedish musical, Kristina.

Of her performance Susan said: “I’m so pleased the audience enjoyed the song – I really loved performing that big number. I was also a little nervous introducing something new. America’s Got Talent – it’s where I started with my first album, so it was wonderful to be back and have the support.”

The new album is Susan’s third in just over two years, quite some run rate. The press release reckons that Sue has specifically chosen songs that are emotive and reflective in response to the outpouring of life stories from so many people who wrote letters to her from around the globe. Perhaps there’s a grain of truth in that, but we also suspect that Simon Cowell’s grubby prints can be found all over the album too. Still, it’s worked before hasn’t it, with her first two albums I Dreamed A Dream and The Gift selling 14 million copies in 14 months around 30 countries. If it ain’t broke and all of that…

Susan Boyle’s Someone to Watch Over Me is released on November 7th.

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