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Welcome back to Singles Club, a safe place on the interweb free from any mention of the new Pope. Apart from that one. But it’s OK, because Pope Francis is a Man Of The People and his favourite popster, Nicole Scherzinger, also happens to be first up in this week’s roundup. Coincidence? You decide…

Nicole Scherzinger – Boomerang

Someone call the stealy police! I’ve worked out where Nicole’s been hiding for the past two years. When interviewed, she says things like “writing… studio… creative… lewis, vrooom vrooom…”, but she’s clearly jumped in Michael J Fox’s Delorean and zipped back to 1985, nicked Janet Jackson’s dance moves, video and stylings, then driven back and gone “Ta-dah!” I mean, it’s nothing new, why-aye Cheryl did it last year, but really – ORIGINALITY PEOPLE! I’m expecting too much aren’t I? As for the song, well you know the drill. She gets knocked down in love, but she keeps coming back like a… boomerang. Tra-la-laaa! Meh.

Hurts – Miracle

I’ve missed Hurts, with their slick hairdos and shiny suits. Their first album was plushly carpetted wall to wall with arsenic-laced pop and this first single doesn’t deviate much from the mould. It starts crouching in the shadows, gets steadily screechy and then blows the roof off with its orchestral, grand chorus which sees the lads bemoaning their lack of love and light with no end in sight. They’re looking for a miracle. In the week when the new Pope is elected. Coincidence? You decide.

AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies

AlunaGeorge clearly inhabit the same London Plan B raps about – shadowy, stained, chickeny. The duo are bang on trend, recently scoring their first top 40 hit by allowing sketchy remixers du jour Disclosure at their tunes with a mallet, and now here they are with a track that’s purely theirs to nurture. It’s got the requisite electro-pop bleeps, a Katy B-esque laidback hook and above all, it features Aluna doing her best Red Riding Hood impression, before inexplicably stripping off to her undies. The grim fairytales, we presume?

Droideka – Get Hyper!

“Yo yo yo bad boy, are you ready for the bass? Hey DJ, yo get on the case!” Bleep-bleep-bleep! “Get down!” Bleep-bleep-bleep! “Get hyper!” Take once nightly. Drugs advisable.

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