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This week’s new releases are brought to you by the letter D…

Dog Is Dead – Do The Right Thing

Dog Is Dead – it’s not a name that trips easily off the tongue is it? Unless you’re a fan of dead dogs of course. In stark contrast to their name, this new track sweeps you onto the dancefloor by the first chorus, twirling you around with a wink as it twangs its guitars and trills its upbeat chorus.¬†Everyone wants to do the right thing, right? The video is a curious mix of smoky daytime snooker halls and ladies in gold lame hotpants, but it does at least provide for some variety on the eyes. Just another bunch of indie boys trying to be Cast, then? Kinda, but they do all have incredibly bouncy hair. The kind of hair that you could never imagine killing one single dog.

Duke Dumont FT AME – Need U (100%)

Duke Dumont is apparently ‘the people’s producer’, which we assume is a bit like Princess Diana but less princessy or dead. In fact, Duke and his track are very much alive, with this club-pleaser bouncing from the speakers resplendent in 90s retro beat with some sunshine-flecked vocals on top. The video too sparks with energy, backflipping waitresses and fat blokes alike all cavorting and confirming they want to be with me, 100%. What’s not to love about such certainty? Shake it, baby.

Tom Odell – Hold Me

Previous Tom Odell tracks have been a tad on the whiney side for me, so this number comes as a shot in the arm to Tom’s catalogue, holding as it does him not whining but screaming at you to hold him. Somebody give the boy their arms, please. It’s hard to be rock n roll with a piano, but Tom does his best in this video, catapulting the ivory-jangler and bashing it like the Rowlf the dog from The Muppets. It would have been more rawk if he’d have knocked over his drink, but you know, he is of a delicate disposition.

Biffy Clyro – Biblical

One band who have no problem spilling drinks and smashing stuff up is Biffy Clyro, those Scottish rock giants made famous by Matt Cardle. Allegedly. Biblical is a thumping track that whirs and builds throughout, before punching you in the face, pretty much like Jesus would after the weekend he just had. The video, meanwhile, sees lead singer Simon Neil go all Americana on our arse, getting sweaty in a motel and clobbered with baseball bats. We’re not sure what it all means, but he does manage to look seczee if you like that sort of thing.

Haim – Falling

Finally this week, we come to LA’s group of the moment, the sisters Haim – Este, Danielle and Alana. I mean, even their names are cool, right? This is a delicious slice of California pop, at once whimsical, but also stuffed with melody and laced with zeitgeist stardust. Looking like Joni Mitchell x3, the ladies stand atop a mountain in the glinting sunshine, making this pop business look a breeze, frankly. All three of these women could star in Girls but they’d never succumb to Adam, for schizzle. Plus, would it be remiss of me to say I so want one of their jackets? I said it anyway.

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