Vertigo: Top Ten Songs


During my recent first episode of vertigo (not wholly recommended), U2’s song of the same name kept whirling round my head – along with the rest of the world. So in case you were wondering, here’s my vertigo top ten…

10. Phats And Small – Turn Around

I’m not sure it’s mandatory for me to turn around is it fellas? Besides, I’m still mesmerised by you singing in your spare room wearing a polarneck. Classy.

9. Average White Band – Let’s Go Round Again

Who knew disco could look like this? Shut your eyes and listen is my advice.

8. Spandau Ballet – Round And Round

Tony’s mullet and blingy brooch made me feel instantly better.

7. Sugababes – Round Round

Sugababes – Round Round by LeStefSaint

The nearly original trio singing out my vertigo horror. Thanks girls.

6. Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Right Round

Pete Burns pre-surgery makes me dizzy all over again.

5. Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar

Lo-fi effortless cool. Way cooler than bouncing off walls.

4. Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling

Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling by jpdc11

Like, kaleidoscopic, man.

3. Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff – Dizzy

Yep, what Miles said.

2. Kylie Minogue – Spinning Around

This was me for nearly a week. Only my hotpants were blue.

1. U2 – Vertigo

You might want to try the Epley Manoeuvre, Mr Bono.


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