What Makes Us Boil With Rage?


We all love a survey don’t we? This week saw one emerge about what makes the British public see red – or rather, what makes the 2,000 people surveyed reach boiling point. Top of the list were queue-jumping, rudeness, not listening, spitting and being kept on hold. So far, so predictable but there were others listed that made me clutch my face laughing and shake my fist in unity…

A close inspection of the list revealed it could be broken down into a few categories: the vague, human error, transport, reality stars, thieving bastards. And smokers.

The Vague

People disliked lateness, rudeness, not paying attention, lazy people, spitters and tutters. I would advise these people to never watch The Jeremy Kyle Show or they might have a nervous breakdown.

Human Error

Spilling bleach on your favourite clothes came in at No.17. Seriously people, do it once and learn your mistake. Meanwhile, leaving tissues in the wash turned some people purple (laundry is clearly a danger zone in the UK). Plus, missing your train and dropping a biscuit in your tea also made the rage-inducing list. I’d say there are worse things in life than the latter. Like perhaps running out of biscuits in the first place.


This category fell into two brackets: road users and rail users. For drivers, people can’t stand middle lane hoggers, speeders, traffic jams, mobile users and drivers ignoring zebra crossings. Pretty much all drivers then. And don’t get me started on cyclists who jump red lights. On trains, seat hogs get fists raised but no mention of Quiet Zone flouters, one of my favourite fun pastimes.

Reality Stars

Joey Essex, Helen Flanagan, The Only Way Is Essex, Kim Kardashian, Jeremy Kyle. Apparently these people all get on our wicks. Two words: off button.

Thieving Bastards

Take a bow banks who charge us for our own cash, governments who tax us for having a spare room, governments who tax us to pay for their moats, people who rob the system.


Disgusting habit, you’ll smell like a chimney and look like a charity shop handbag etc…

Other chuckle-inducing rage points included getting outbid on ebay and old ladies shopping at peak times. Just wait till old ladies master ebay and then they can rule the world… Of course, I could list far greater things that make me hot under the collar like Tottenham’s lack of attacking flair or the disappearance of Texan bars from our shelves but that’s a whole other list…

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