Taylor Swift & Me: Separated At Birth?


I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift far longer than it’s been cool to be one. I was there for the country era, Love Story, Fearless and the Red album. And this week, I got to thinking about how alike we actually are. Don’t believe me? Apart from our shared love of a white top, here are ten reasons why Taylor & I would be surefire best buddies…

10 – We’ve both been to Nashville.

Swifty moved to Nashville aged 14 to pursue a career in music, becoming the youngest songwriter a label had ever hired in the process. I went to Nashville with my wife three years ago and we hung out at Tootsies, Roberts and The Bluebird Cafe. We could have met up for a beer. Honestly.

9 – She’s best friends with Lena Dunham. I had a dream last week that I was too!

The Girls creator has said she was a long-time fan of Swifty and so texted Taylor to tell her they should be friends. Swifty agreed and now they are. In my dream, Lena & I hung out for coffee and chat. Six. Degrees. Of. Separation.

8 – She loves country & pop – and so do I!

I was brought up on country music and am a self-confessed pop tart, while Taylor is the queen of the country-pop mashup. Open your eyes, Swiftster.

7 – We’ve both been 22.

Don’t know about you, but what a great age that was. Let’s talk 22, Taylor!

6 – We’re both actors.

Swift has appeared in three films – Valentine’s Day, The Lorax and The Giver. I was one half of the comedy duo Flip and Flop in an Essex panto in the early 90s. SO MUCH IN COMMON.

5 – We both play guitar.

Swifty learnt her first chords aged 12. I represented my county playing guitar aged 11 and haven’t stopped since. The coincidences just keep adding up.

4 – I’ve encouraged her songwriters.

Taylor has written with a host of starry songwriters including One Republic’s Ryan Tedder. I’ve chatted with Tedder after a gig and told him I hoped he’d return to the UK soon. Without that encouragement, Tedder might have jacked it in to become a farmer and not been on-hand to write for Swifty. No need to thank me, Swifty.

3 – We both like to bake.

Yes, Swifty might have baked with Jamie Oliver and I have baked with my mum and my oven, but the end result of our endeavours were both fantastically tasty. I’m certain Swifty and I could bond over a coffee and banana cake.

2 – We’re both fabulous singers.

Those who’ve witnessed me singing karaoke in Stoke Newington’s world-famous Blush bar can vouch for this. Swifty should come down one Friday. We could do a duet!

1 – We’re both No.1 best-sellers!

Swifty’s sold 1.28 million copies of her new album 1989 in its first week. My new novel The Long Weekend sold slighltly less than that in its first week, but the end result was the same – we both hit No.1 on our respective charts. We could SO be bezzies. If you’re reading this Swifty, reach out.

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