Return Of The Pool Shark


I wasted large chunks of my childhood playing pool and unlike learning how to make apple crumble, it’s a skill that’s come in handy throughout my adult life. I once started a new job and was invited into a pool tournament in the first week: I made it to the final, trouncing five men along the way. The women whooped and the men muttered, complimentary things I’m sure. I haven’t seriously played pool in around five years but this week I decided to return to action. Would my cue action flow once more or would I be bouncing out of pockets at every opportunity, the white ball making a break for freedom across the shiny wooden floor? It was time to step up to the baize… Continue reading » “Return Of The Pool Shark”


The Royal Godmother: It Shoulda Been Me…


I’m not really sure what Wills and Kate were thinking: I would have made the perfect godmother for Prince George this week at the Chapel Royal if you discount my giggling about the royals and contempt for all that god stuff. Here are five remarkably plump reasons why… Continue reading » “The Royal Godmother: It Shoulda Been Me…”


Glee: The Cory Monteith Tribute Episode


I love Glee. I mean, love Glee. I wish we’d had a Glee club at my Essex school – I would have taken the jibes and slushies in my face every week just to be able to sing and dance my cares away. And this is what Glee is all about – it deals with hard-hitting issues but does so with such humour and a featherlight touch you’re still left feeling upbeat and chipper every time. This week however, Sky screened Glee’s Cory Monteith tribute episode and it was all too real… Continue reading » “Glee: The Cory Monteith Tribute Episode”


Great British Bake Off: Who Will Win?


Flour, eggs, sugar, lard? Check. Two giddy presenters, one Dame Of Cakes and one Berk Of Bread? Check. Three nimble-fingered contestants? Check, checkety check! We’ve been counting down for weeks and now the moment has arrived: the final of the Great British Bake Off is happening today and I for one am beside myself with creamy, puffy excitement. Will Frances create an alternate universe from blueberry & liquorice icing for her showstopper? Will Kimberley pipe with ice-cool precision to scoop the prize? And will Ruby hold the saffron & make it to the end without cracking up and dissolving into a pool of gloop? I’d say all three are possible…

Continue reading » “Great British Bake Off: Who Will Win?”


Nespresso vs Big Cup Little Cup


Everybody knows I love my Nespresso machine like my own child: I stroke it daily. A while back, Nestle’s patent for its Nespresso coffee capsules expired and a court ruled that it should stop being so greedy and let other companies manufacture them too. Cambridge-based Big Cup Little Cup did just that so I decided to try them. So would their pods taste of coffee? Would they enhance my Coffee Lifestyle ™? More importantly, would they look as pretty sat next to my machine? Let’s find out…

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England vs Poland: Brazil Beckons…

Andros Townsend

So after nine fretful games it all comes down to tonight: England vs Poland at Wembley stadium and the chance for the lads to crack out their best samba routines next summer at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The last time we needed a win to qualify I was at the game – England vs Croatia in 2007 with Euro 2008 beckoning. The rain tipped down in great galloping buckets, Scott Carson had a night to forget, Steve McClaren introduced us to his big brolly and his England team fell at the final hurdle into a damp, depressing heap. Lightning can’t strike twice though, right? Well, at least it’s not forecast for rain… Continue reading » “England vs Poland: Brazil Beckons…”


London Cocktail Week: Shaken Not Stirred


What better way to follow up my ill-advised juice diet than with London Cocktail Week? It’s still juice but now with added zing! Seven shakin’ days where you get to hop around the capital’s participating bars drinking their signature cut-price cocktails – I didn’t need a second invitation. So on Wednesday I cleared my schedule, wrote ‘drinking posh drinks’ in big red letters on my calendar, strapped on my LCW wristband and got ready to slurp… Continue reading » “London Cocktail Week: Shaken Not Stirred”