Football: The Not So Beautiful Game


I’ve been a Spurs fan all my life, ever since Hoddle and Waddle were dazzling with their silky skills at the Lane. I bought my first T-shirt aged 10, went to my first match aged 16, even moved to Stoke Newington so I could walk to games. I’ve also been a member at Spurs for the past 12 years. But lately, something’s happened – I’ve developed football inertia, football ennui. Put simply, I’m just not that bothered anymore… Continue reading » “Football: The Not So Beautiful Game”


My Running Week

Woman running in a park

This week, I have mostly been running. Run, runny run. Granted, I found time to eat, sleep, watch a bit of Homes Under The Hammer in between. But mostly, running. For at least 40 minutes every day. Doesn’t sound that impressive now I write it down. But believe me, when you’re only ten minutes down and you feel like your kneecaps are about to split, 40 minutes is a long way… Continue reading » “My Running Week”


What The Frack Is Fracking?


Recently, the news seems to be getting filled up with lots of stories about fracking. “What the frack is fracking?” a friend of mine asked recently. Good fracking question I thought. So I looked into it. After countless hours (approx) spent staring at scientificky computer screens, I have come up with the following… Continue reading » “What The Frack Is Fracking?”


The Ashes Heat Up


This week I’ve been watching some Ashes cricket – I’m staring at it right now in fact. Currrently England are teetering on collapse – classic test match cricket apparently, keeping it interesting. Or they’ve turned into the England football team, depending on your point of view. Coming into this Australia were apparently a bunch of mugs, with cackling English commentators predicting they might not even make it to day three. Now they’re wondering if England will make it to day three and not looking quite so smug… Continue reading » “The Ashes Heat Up”


Civil Partnership = Registry Pain


Yesterday, my partner and I went to the local town hall to register our intent to have a civil partnership next year. We’d like to have a wedding, but we’ve decided to go ahead with our celebration as planned and not wait around for the government to finally catch up with the public wish for marriage equality. They’re not the most speedy bunch. And neither, as we found out, are the people at the council. Here’s roughly how our experience went…

Continue reading » “Civil Partnership = Registry Pain”


Wimbledon: Grassy, Classy, Arsey


We’re now well into the first week of Wimbleton Abbey, and my, the script is way more fast-moving this year. Federer and Nadal have been consigned to the has-beens bin, Tsonga has a hurty knee and oodles of others who nobody’s heard of have slipped out of the tournament on their shoulder, arse or knee, pouting as they go. So where does this leave us? Murray and Robson to win either side of the tournament of course. Yay for media patriotism! Yes, we may have learnt nothing from previous years of hyping up our home players, but here are some things we have learnt this year… Continue reading » “Wimbledon: Grassy, Classy, Arsey”


Heart Of Glass


I’ll admit it: I’ve become a glass snob. Once upon a time – back in the days when D:Ream were riding high in the popular music charts and Brookside was required viewing – I would drink most things out of most receptacles. Carling out of a plastic glass? Gin out of a mug? Orange juice out of a thimble? No problem, bring it on. But as the years have advanced, my taste and tolerance for anything less than perfection have done so too. These days, I will not tolerate gin out of a mug. Not even my favourite mug… Continue reading » “Heart Of Glass”


Nespresso? Don’t Mind If I Do…

This machine drips luxury...
This machine drips luxury…

A while back I was lucky enough to bag a Nespresso machine which now sits seductively on my kitchen worktop, winking at me every time I walk past. Now I too could have those shiny capsules in my very own kitchen and not just when I happen to land in a fancy hotel room – and unbeknown to me, a whole new world was about to be unveiled in sleek, caffienated heels. You see, a Nespresso machine is not just a coffee machine. Good lord, no. Coffee machines dispense caffeine-infused black liquid that perk up your day; Nespresso machines dispense a luxurious lifestyle that means you’ve MADE IT… Continue reading » “Nespresso? Don’t Mind If I Do…”


Royal Greeeenidge: Walk This Way

Canary wharf

Most days, so long as it’s not raining slantways into my eyeballs, I like to go for a walk along the river Thames or through Royal Greenwich Park. Not because I’m posh but because they’re both within a 10-minute walk of my front door. I might not be posh but I am lazy. Walking slows the constant whir of my brain, stopping it getting too outsized for my head or scaring passers-by with its volume. Or at least that’s what I read on the internet so it must be true… Continue reading » “Royal Greeeenidge: Walk This Way”


Brit Awards 2013 – Live Blog!


Welcome one, welcome all to the 2013 Brit Awards! Live from the O2 Arena! In London! Next to the river! And the cable car! I’ve already stepped onto the red carpet so you don’t have to – selfless I’m sure you’ll agree – and have been flitting about the venue all day long, soaking up the atmosphere and star-spotting fairly unsuccessfully. But I have touched those giant images of the Damien Hirst-designed new awards that look like they’ve got jaunty chickenpox; and I have marvelled at the spectacle of the Brit Awards that have had me hooked since I was 11 years old. I’m excited, you should be excited, so stop back here from 7.30 tonight for live coverage of the red carpet and the awards, set to feature live performances from the likes of Justin Timberlake, One Direction and Robbie Williams. Scream now… Continue reading » “Brit Awards 2013 – Live Blog!”