Hello, Sunshine…


When I tell people that I live in Greenwich, it invariably gets a favourable response. People like Greenwich. It’s green, it’s old, it’s by the river. They recently filmed a great swathe of the film Les Miserables here, it’s a favourite spot for pop videos and it’s where time begins and ends. In short, it’s considered way better than living in nearby Deptford…

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Say ‘I Do’ To Marriage Equality


February 5th was a historic night in my life, in the life of British politics and the British populace. This was the night that parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of same-sex marriage, thereby ushering in a new era of marriage where it’s open to all, whoever you fall in love with. No longer are gays and lesbians second-class citizens at the wedding breakfast – soon we’ll be able to call it a wedding, call our spouse our spouse, and dualities of husbands and wives will be commonplace. This is so astonishing that even writing it is still astounding…

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2012: Best Singles


I love a great single. That moment when vocals and melody meet in mid-air, french kiss and roll around on the rug with not a care for who’s watching or listening. This year has been home to a few rocket-fuelled solo tracks from the likes of Gotye, Carly Rae Jepsen and Fun, but who’s romped to the top of the pile to take my coveted Top Track title? Read on my friend… Continue reading » “2012: Best Singles”


2012: Best Albums

Farewell then, 2012. You brought us the London Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, which made us all feel royally fabulous. You were also a glittery disco ball of musical merriment, with a number of standout albums and more than enough pop fragments to snag our attention. Before you evaporate completely from our memory, let’s look back with no anger and more than a scoop of love. And before you ask, no there is no Frank Ocean in the list because while Channel Orange had its moments, it was terminally long and dare we say it, dull – not an accusation you level at any of this lot…

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2011: Best Albums

Farewell then, 2011. You had your moments, but it’s time to move on now. Chop chop. And yes, I know I’m a little late with my Best Albums list, but blame Christmas and all those delicious mince pies and mulled wine that fogged my brain. So what did the past 12 months bring? Musical highs and musical lows. I don’t reckon 2011 was a vintage year for music, but here are my top picks of the past 12 months… Continue reading » “2011: Best Albums”


Brit Awards 2011 – As It Happened!


We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s Brit Awards, mainly because we’re going to be there to bring you all the latest from the red carpet and a live blog of the evening’s proceedings from the O2 Arena. Will Tinie Tempah scoop the lot? Will Jessie J wear those funny tights again? And just how many bottles of champagne will be drunk before the first celeb falls over or punches host James Corden? This and so much more will be revealed by us over the course of the evening – frankly, it’s gonna be ruddy brilliant. So join us tonight for our live blog of the 2011 Brit Awards – I’ll be typing furiously from the media room where I’ve been told there are free light refreshments and all the tea you can drink. It doesn’t get more rock n roll than that! Join me from 7pm tonight…

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Holy Eurotrash – It’s Nearly Eurovision Time!


The 54th annual Eurovision Song Contest will be played out in Oslo on May 29th, with the UK entry Josh Dubovie readying to give his plucky rendition of the Pete Waterman-penned That Sounds Good To Me. After the shock of last year’s entry Jade Ewan finishing fifth overall, Josh has something to live up to but we fear that normal service will be resumed this year unless Euroland falls for this. But let’s be honest – even Sonia would have rejected this number. Still, that shouldn’t detract from your enjoyment of the yearly parade of Europop, so come with us as we inspect the UK’s entry further and pick our top five Eurovision moments…

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Election Anthems 2010


In one of the most unpredictable election contests in our lifetime, yet another twist has been thrust into the mix which includes Right Said Fred piping up with a Lib Dem anthem – we kid you not. Comedian Danny Robins has been tasked by Newsnight to come up with three party anthems for the big day, and he went about recruiting the best in the business – but when they weren’t available, he settled for Hadouken!, Right Said Fred and Nu Brand. To be fair, Hadouken! have conjured up a tune with their tongue firmly in cheek with a Labour anthem entitled Things Can Only Get Worse – what the others have in store is yet to be revealed. But we thought before that, we’d come up with some appropriate anthems of our own…

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