Interview Archive: Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars played a starring role at last night’s Superbowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, wowing the crowd with his songs as well as his gold lame jacket. I interviewed him a little over three years ago when he was on the cusp of mega-fame, having just had his first No.1 with Just The Way You Are plus success with a bunch of other hit songs. He was a terrific interviewee, buzzed about life & full of energy despite being jetlagged. Here’s the interview from October 2010 where he talks about fame, his ambition and why freshly squeezed orange juice means you’ve made it…
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The Band Perry Interview

They’re the hottest thing in country music direct from Tennessee – brother/sister group The Band Perry, Kimberly, Neil and Reid. The trio swept the board at the most recent Country Music Awards winning Song Of The Year for If I Die Young and Best New Artist, and now they’re hoping Europe will fall in love with them too. I caught up with them last week, just before they played their first ever show on non-American soil…
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Lady Antebellum Interview

Lady Antebellum are only four years old, yet they’re one of the biggest groups in the world right now, winning both Record of the Year and Song of the Year at this year’s Grammys for the delicious Need You Now. Looking to bring the UK up to speed with their crossover country sound, the band landed in London last week to play a one-off gig and promote their new album Own The Night. We caught up with Charles, Dave and Hilary to talk music, love, Nashville and that song

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Steps Interview

I’ll admit it – I’m a Steps fan. I spent most of my 20s with my hands raised to my head in Tragedy pose and many drunken nights beside a smoke machine perfecting the moves to One For Sorrow – and I wasn’t alone. Steps are a not-so-guilty pleasure which might explain why they spent the late 90s ensconsed in the charts with 14 consecutive top ten hits, 15 million album sales and over a million gig tickets sold. However, it all ended abruptly when members H and Claire quit the band suddenly in 2001, leaving remaining three members Lee, Lisa and Faye stunned.  Ten years on and the band are getting back together for Sky Living documentary on their reunion, as well as releasing a new Ultimate Collection. Will they record new music and tour once more? You wouldn’t bet against it now would you…

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The Drums Interview

I’m early for my meeting with The Drums and it’s just started to lash down with rain. In a bid to avoid getting drenched, I run into the cafe we’ve arranged to meet at in London’s Shoreditch and just miss taking Professor Green’s eye out with my brolly. Clearly, this is the cafe du jour in Hipsterville right now. The Drums are waiting for me by the ping-pong table, all perfect smiles, primary colours and accents so deliciously American I want to box them up and take them home. But that would be unprofessional, so I don’t. The band are in London promoting their new album Portomento and single Money and the day I meet them is their final day in London that’s taken in three shows in three days. So are they pleased to be back in the Big Smoke? Guitarist-turned-keys-man Jacob Graham and singer Jonny Pierce both nod. Jacob tells me: “Of all the places in the world that we’ve been, we love coming to London as it kind of feels like a home away from home. Plus, we got our first record deal here so it will always hold a special place in our heart.” They’re at the end of a full day of photoshoots and interviews but they’re unfailinging polite and maintain unerring eye contact when they speak to me.

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Darren Hayes Interview

Darren Hayes was one half of the massively successful Aussie duo Savage Garden and has followed that up with solo success. Currently living in London, he’s back with a fresh look and sound and as he tells me, the four years since his last album have been filled with song-writing as well as a fair amount of soul-searching…

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