Bebe Black – Deathwish

Now we’ve firmly kicked 2012 off a cliff and laughed as it flailed about in the water, let’s welcome in the new. That’s right, new things like, erm, bacon-flavoured mayonnaise, woollen high heels and freshly squeezed music like Bebe Black. Sure, she might have a moniker that makes us recall Frasier’s tawdry agent but her new track Deathwish is a glorious riot of a tune, part-electropop, part-dance, part-louche chic. “I gave myself a year to make it in music after moving to London,” said the West Country twentysomething recently. “But now it seems to be actually working…”

Gotye. Told You He Was Great Didn’t I?

Way back when, in the time when I only had 57 Facebook friends (imagine) and when Google Plus was just a glint in Larry Page’s eye, I told you Gotye was ace. In fact, I even went so far as to name his second album Like Drawing Blood as my album of 2008, and interviewed him too, confirming he’s also a very lovely man.

Now that his new song Somebody That I Used To Know is racing up the charts and the radio fraternity are treating him their own discovery, I thought I’d sit back and wallow in my psychic powers. I knew Wally was great back then and now he’s getting the mainstream success he deserves. If you haven’t heard his new album Making Mirrors yet, I suggest you do that now. More future predictions coming your way soon…

Battle Of The Christmas Songs

So this is Christmas, and what have you done? I’ve listened to a whole bunch of new music this year – but frankly, what’s new music when it’s now considered OK to play Wham!’s Last Christmas at crazy volumes? Nowt, that’s what. However, it’s not all about Mariah, Wham! and The Pogues, despite what radio stations may tell you. Because every year a new crop of Christmas hopefuls appear at the festive pop pedestal, and it’s up to you, dear reader, to decide whether to let them through or kick them into touch. Last year we had Coldplay, Train and Hurts. This year’s candidates, make yourself known…
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Take That – Progress Live DVD

Stuck for a Christmas present for that special woman/gay man in your life? Then Take That have the answer. The DVD of their record-breaking Progress tour comes out next month and we’ve got a sneak peak of what you can expect – namely, enormous crowds, Robbie over-egging the pudding and a general aura of world-conquering greatness. Whether or not Mr Williams will stick around for the next tour is anyone’s guess – but for now, watch in wonder…

Take That’s Progress Live DVD is out on November 21st.

Erasure Kick Off UK Tour

Andy Bell is set to unveil his excessively knobbly knees on the masses once more as electro-pop supremos Erasure return with a new album Tomorrow’s World and tour to back it up, which has arrived in the UK this month to share the love here. In the meantime enjoy this video montage that accompanies their first single…

Erasure’s new album Tomorrow’s World is out now, as is their single When I Start To (Break It All Down).

Marina Returns In Sparkling Form

Remember Marina, her of the diamond fame? Well, she’s back with new standalone single Electra Heart: The Start that’s chopped into two pristine halves: Part One: Fear And Loathing and Part Two: Radioactive. If you can forgive the title mayhem and just concentrate on the sound, you won’t be disappointed – both of these tracks are dripping with splendour. On the basis of these we can’t wait for the long-player: the edgy yelping style is still there, but Marina’s sound has transformed into a whirling pop tour de force. Radioactive is primed for radio-play thanks to the twiddling talents of LA’s finest (read Dr Luke), but we also love Fear And Loathing, soaked as it is in an air of discontent, parading Marina’s gruff vocals. The only blip in the plan is that the full album isn’t out until next year. What a tease.

Reverend And The Makers – Riot

As the UK clears up from the grip of the August riots, Reverend And The Makers have released a new track entitled Riot that sums things up pretty well we reckon.

Lead singer Jon McClure writes: “I watched the events unfolding on the news the other night the same as everyone else and was gutted to see the buildings on fire and people losing their businesses. Watching the news put me in mind of an old unfinished track that we had worked on. This is that track. It’s free, it’s not a money thing in any way but I feel it’s my job as an artist to talk about and react to what’s happening in my own way. It’s not going to be a political record in the slightest but to keep schtum when there’s rioting in the streets just ain’t me. Hope you enjoy.”

However, nobody was as psychic as Morrissey on this one with his tracks Panic and Shoplifters Of The World Unite. Morrissey for PM?


Amy Winehouse Remembered

Amy Winehouse’s death last weekend was hugely saddening, but also massively predictable. The enigmatic star was a crack addict and an alcoholic and whether you’re famous or not, these two are quite often a deadly combination. What’s shocked me the most since her death was how shocked people seem to be by it – as if the recent abandoned performances and still-alive habits were a figment of their imagination. It’s true that music has lost a legend in her own lifetime in Winehouse and through her early death, she may now live on as one for many years to come…

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