How To Speak Corporate


Forget drilling down or reaching out, if you want to leverage your best attributes in today’s corporate world you’ve got to think widescreen. Here’s my list of the ten corporate terms you simply have to slip into a meeting this week. Blue sky thinking is so last century… Continue reading » “How To Speak Corporate”


Valentine’s Day: A Yearly Guide


It’s Valentine’s Day! Hurray! I know it’s Valentine’s Day because first, I looked at my calendar; and second, M&S has doubled the price of its meal deal so it must be true. For this special blog of lurve I’m going to take you on a journey of Valentine’s Day through the ages: from childhood to should-know-better. Because let’s face it, its acronym is VD for a reason… Continue reading » “Valentine’s Day: A Yearly Guide”


Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy


Look up happiness in the dictionary and it says: bliss, contentment, pleasure and joy. The very opposite of the natural human state then. Pharrell knows how to be happy (wear a hat, walk with plenty of jaunt, sing a song). Captain Sensible knew that it took talking and wearing silly hats (I see a hat theme). But what is it that makes you happy? I mean apart from boring old friends/family/partner/smartphone. What are the things that make your entire being fizz with satisfaction? Here are my top ten… Continue reading » “Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy”


Make Memories While You Can


The dementia avalanche is coming. Or is it already here? I forget. Whatever, one in every three OAPs dies with dementia and there isn’t any cure, just the slow but sure whittling away of who they once were in live slow-motion. As someone with a history of dementia in my family it strikes me that with such odds against us, now is the time to lay down some enduring, fantastic memories while we can still enjoy them… Continue reading » “Make Memories While You Can”


Why I Love Mondays


Having a blue Monday? Of course you’re not, that was last week silly when it was The Most Depressing Day Of The Year tm. What a difference a week makes, right? Nod your head. But the prospect of blue Mondays got me thinking – why are they blue? Blue’s my favourite colour so it holds no fear for me. Why aren’t they brown, magnolia or mint green? Continue reading » “Why I Love Mondays”


Wedding Planning Pain


I’m getting married this year. Yes married, not civilly partnered. Now we all know that society has galloped on an amazing distance in the past 20 years but that still doesn’t mean it’s plain sailing when it comes to non-traditional wedding planning – far from it. Don’t believe me? Read on… Continue reading » “Wedding Planning Pain”


The Most Depressing Day Of The Year


Hello and welcome to the Most Depressing Day Of The Year ™. Until the next one that is. But for now, it’s time to revel in today’s utter depressingness, sink back into its soft underbelly of misery, rub your face in its dark, downy despair. Ready to join me in a tip-top January funk? Continue reading » “The Most Depressing Day Of The Year”


Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions


It’s January 3rd already. I know, the year’s just flying by isn’t it? So how many of your New Year’s resolutions have you stuck to so far? All of them? None of them? Didn’t make any? I’m sat squarely in the final category but maybe I could be persuaded to change that if I could think of some really top-notch resolutions that would truly change the world. Well, my world at least. Here goes… Continue reading » “Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions”


2013: How Was It For You?


As the glitterball known as 2013 performs its final turn, it’s time to assess the previous 12 months and ponder whether you’re happy to see the back of them or if you’re clinging on for dear life. How was the year for you? Continue reading » “2013: How Was It For You?”


The Perfect Christmas Eve? Here’s How…


Twas the night before Christmas and all over the land people were scurrying about their kitchen trying to find that spare roll of sellotape to wrap those final presents. Everyone apart from me that is. Why? Because I’m too busy having the perfect Christmas Eve and you could too with a few key adjustments. Here’s how…

Continue reading » “The Perfect Christmas Eve? Here’s How…”