The One Where I Got Married…


I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I recently got married. Yes, after months of preparation, a few belated weeks of stress and last-minute panic-buying from Poundland (no expense spared), it finally happened. Family and friends flew in from all corners of the globe and the country, I slept the night before, reminding myself to say I do and squeezed my eyes tight shut, hoping for no rain. Sure enough, when I woke up the sun shone bright with temperatures topping 80 degrees. Clearly, god loves the gays… Continue reading » “The One Where I Got Married…”


Top Ten Wedding Worries


I’m getting married in ten days. Ten. Fucking. Days. So, to share how I’m feeling with you at this juncture, I thought I’d write a Top Ten Wedding Worries for you. Obviously, the rational part of me knows that 95% of what we worry about is completely unnecessary to worry about, but that doesn’t stop me worrying anyway, okay? When I was born, the nurse held me up and said: “Congratulations, it’s a worrier!” Here goes… Continue reading » “Top Ten Wedding Worries”


Top Ten Resurrections


Today is Easter Sunday, a time to be happy, luxuriate in chocolate and for some, a time to celebrate the second coming. But it’s not just Jesus who’s got the monopoly on that resurrection gig – there are plenty of other things in life that have been resurrected, some to great applause, others not so much. So to celebrate, here’s my Easter Sunday Resurrection Top Ten… Continue reading » “Top Ten Resurrections”


The BAFTAs: Ten Things We Learned


The 67th annual British Academy of Film And Television Awards took place last night at the Royal Opera House and it was a truly star-spangled event with the likes of Bradley Cooper, the Jolie-Pitts, Leo the Lion and Dame Helen Mirren. Gravity and 12 Years A Slave were the big winners of the night claiming both Best Director and Best Picture, but what else did we learn apart from the fact that Tom Hanks likes a good cry? Well, this… Continue reading » “The BAFTAs: Ten Things We Learned”


How To Write A Book Dedication


My first novel, London Calling, is coming out this month and now I’m down to the nitty-gritty of getting it primed for Kindle & all that schizzle I’ve come to the conclusion that writing it was the easy part – it’s the rest that causes pain. For instance, what exactly do you write on a copyright page? Where do you get an ISBN number? And crucially, who should I dedicate the book to without sounding like a complete sap? Continue reading » “How To Write A Book Dedication”


Interview Archive: Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars played a starring role at last night’s Superbowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, wowing the crowd with his songs as well as his gold lame jacket. I interviewed him a little over three years ago when he was on the cusp of mega-fame, having just had his first No.1 with Just The Way You Are plus success with a bunch of other hit songs. He was a terrific interviewee, buzzed about life & full of energy despite being jetlagged. Here’s the interview from October 2010 where he talks about fame, his ambition and why freshly squeezed orange juice means you’ve made it… Continue reading » “Interview Archive: Bruno Mars”


The Chinese Horoscope: What’s Your Sign?


Happy Chinese New Year, especially if this is your year, the year of the Horse. But what does it mean if you’re born under the sign of Dobbin? That you’re leggy, easily startled and have a liking for leather? We all know what our astrology signs say about us, but what does the Chinese horoscope say about you? Let’s find out… Continue reading » “The Chinese Horoscope: What’s Your Sign?”


Gay Marriage = Natural Disasters? The Internet Reacts…


UKIP councillor David Silvester created a storm of his own yesterday when he stated that the legalisation of gay marriage was to blame for all the recent flooding the UK has experienced, claiming David Cameron had acted “arrogantly against the gospel.” Uh-huh. Predictably, Twitter and the internet reacted with UK humour which is the only thing you can do in the face of someone who is clearly bonkers. Just for the record, I get married in May so expect a big gay rainbow over Islington on the 17th. Oh yes, I have the power… Continue reading » “Gay Marriage = Natural Disasters? The Internet Reacts…”


Celebrity Big Brother 2014: A Bit Tetchy


Celebrity Big Brother has never been the shy, retiring type has it? It’s the annoying salesperson, the loudmouth showoff, that person in the meeting who just has to say something. But if you can get beyond the screaming, the arguing and the general mayhem, it’s compelling viewing even if it’s not always pretty to watch. Don’t believe me? Consider this: last night, a Nolan sister called Jim Davidson a cunt on national television. Boom! I’ve been waiting all my life for TV like this… Continue reading » “Celebrity Big Brother 2014: A Bit Tetchy”


2013: How Was It For You?


As the glitterball known as 2013 performs its final turn, it’s time to assess the previous 12 months and ponder whether you’re happy to see the back of them or if you’re clinging on for dear life. How was the year for you? Continue reading » “2013: How Was It For You?”