The Brits 2010 – Live Blog!


More...Evening all! It’s nearly time for THE BRITS 2010, 30th Anniversary Edition! I said that in that voice they use on the X Factor you know. I hope you got that through my typing intonation. Right then, my predictions for tonight (which are bound to be right, obviously):

1 – Lady GaGa to be a bit ker-rayzee and scoop a ton of metal.

2 – JLS to sing slightly out of tune but be lovable all the same.

3 – Take That and Robbie to announce their reunion.

4 – Robbie to do that annoying smirk to camera about once every five seconds.

5 – People to get really rather drunky-wunk.

Let’s go to the red carpet shall we where it’s slashing down…

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Swine! flu


So it turns out that 100,000 people think they have swine flu, according to new government figures – and after contracting a runny nose and sore throat, turns out I’m now one of them. But rather than take a trip to my local doctor’s surgery – a low-rise 70s building filled with all manner of lifeform, only some of them human – I thought I’d consult the new swine flu website that’s been set up recently.
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