Dolly Parton Talks Style

Dolly discusses her unique look, telling us that she modelled herself on the town tramp and has always loved to look cheap: “Rest assured if I walk out looking the way I do, I’m OK with it so you should be too. Some people say less is more but that’s the biggest crock I ever heard! Less is less and I like more…”

Music’s Golden Girls Return

You hear much piffle these days about ladies ruling pop and blokes being rubbish at it, but there have always been brilliant female artists and none more so than Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand and Doris Day, who are all releasing new albums in the next few weeks. Hands up who thinks Cher Lloyd will still be around in 50 years time? For Dolly, her gazillionth album Better Day is accompanied by a string of tour dates for the irrepressable whirlwind; Doris Day is producing her first new album in 17 years with My Heart; and Babs is releasing What Matters Most, a collection of songs written by her longtime collaborators Marilyn and Alan Bergman…
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