Top Ten Things About Summer


As the UK wilts in the summer sunshine, I got to thinking about the best things about summer. Obviously, if you don’t love summer you are a massive curmudgeon and should never be allowed to eat a Cornetto ever again. That’ll learn you. For summer is the season of love, of joy, of getting burnt to a crisp when you fall asleep in your garden. Here are my most favourite bits…
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Glasto Sells Out In Record Time

It seems the threat of torrential mud is no deterrent to Glastonbury-goers – next year’s festival sold out in record time yesterday, with the 137,000-odd tickets being snapped up by phone and on the internet in a record four hours. Thousands of music fans were left frustrated as the ticketing system was overwhelmed with demand, and many were left with nothing but a sore index finger to show for their efforts. There will be another chance to snap up returns next year, but for now if you weren’t one of the lucky ticket winners, you’re not getting in…

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