Gorillaz – Plastic Beach


Over the last few years, Damon Albarn has dabbled in world music, composed an opera, reunited Blur and conjured up this, the third Gorillaz album, so we imagine that he must have afforded himself a wry smile when Robbie Williams collected his Lifetime Achievement award at this year’s Brits. Has Robbie really done more for the face of British music than Damon? Is Angels really superior to The Universal? Perhaps though the key thing is that Albarn is still seen as having so much to give, whereas Robbie is thought of as having his best days behind him. That Mr Albarn is obscenely talented is well acknowledged in the industry and with this latest slab of monkey business from his animated band, Murdoc and co have done the Essex boy proud, cranking out some corking tunes with a little help from their bunch of talented friends…

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