2012: Best Singles


I love a great single. That moment when vocals and melody meet in mid-air, french kiss and roll around on the rug with not a care for who’s watching or listening. This year has been home to a few rocket-fuelled solo tracks from the likes of Gotye, Carly Rae Jepsen and Fun, but who’s romped to the top of the pile to take my coveted Top Track title? Read on my friend…
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Gotye. Told You He Was Great Didn’t I?

Way back when, in the time when I only had 57 Facebook friends (imagine) and when Google Plus was just a glint in Larry Page’s eye, I told you Gotye was ace. In fact, I even went so far as to name his second album Like Drawing Blood as my album of 2008, and interviewed him too, confirming he’s also a very lovely man.

Now that his new song Somebody That I Used To Know is racing up the charts and the radio fraternity are treating him their own discovery, I thought I’d sit back and wallow in my psychic powers. I knew Wally was great back then and now he’s getting the mainstream success he deserves. If you haven’t heard his new album Making Mirrors yet, I suggest you do that now. More future predictions coming your way soon…