JLS ft Tinie Tempah – Eyes Wide Shut

After the slow-burn of charidee single Love You More, JLS are back with another portion of their speciality upbeat dance-pop with Eyes Wide Shut, bringing their mate Tinie Tempah along too. The accompanying video sees the foursome in slick, cartoon-like airbrushed mode, muscles bulging, V-necks deepening, hearts clasped. Throw in some Escher-style video artwork, robotics that would make Peter Crouch green with envy and a pumping dance backing track and if this doesn’t make No.1, we’ll start believing the boys when they tell us they have no time for the gym. Yeah, riiiiiight… Tinie raps for a bit in the middle, but let’s face it – he ain’t nearly as ripply or as willing to show his pecs now is he?

Eyes Wide Shut is out on February 13th.