Miike Snow Interview

I interviewed these guys in March 2010 at their record company HQ. Their debut album was my favourite of 2009, so I was excited to meet them. Lead singer Andrew Wyatt turned out to be, shall we say, eccentric (I’m being kind). Lesson learned: sometimes, it’s better to just listen to the music and not meet the minds behind it. Still a great album though.

Miike Snow Live Review


Miike Snow, ULU, London – February 11th

I designated last Thursday as Miike Snow Day, interviewing the trio in the morning and catching their live show in the evening. The Swedish/American threesome have been responsible for hits by Madonna, Kylie, Britney and Daniel Merriweather among others, but now they’re coming into their own with a live show that takes the tracks from their debut album and pumps up the volume, turning the gig into a mini-rave…

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Miike Snow – Miike Snow Review


There’s been a flurry of hype around Miike Snow and their eponymously titled debut album – as the band themselves admit it’s something they never expected when they got together to “mess around”. But they’ve got form – of the trio behind the sounds, singer Andrew Wyatt has just finished Daniel Merriweather’s new album and Swedish pair Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg are also known as Bloodshy & Avant, the writing and production team behind Britney’s Toxic as well as a stack of other pop successes including Madonna, Sugababes and Kylie Minogue. So is their hybrid debut the sound of a hundred stars spun in a blender? Er, no…

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