Who Will Be Tottenham’s Next Manager?


Farewell then, Andre: our Portugese man of war who lost too many battles in the end. He looked beautiful on the touchline but often flummoxed as to what to do next, his face not betraying much but his eyes a whirlpool of panic. So now that the AVB era is finally over though, who’s next to step up to the plate and take on the Spurs cause? Capello? Hoddle? Laudrup? Benitez? Here are some alternative options that might be worth consideration…
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Singles Club


Welcome back to Singles Club, a safe place on the interweb free from any mention of the new Pope. Apart from that one. But it’s OK, because Pope Francis is a Man Of The People and his favourite popster, Nicole Scherzinger, also happens to be first up in this week’s roundup. Coincidence? You decide…
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