Reverend And The Makers – Riot

As the UK clears up from the grip of the August riots, Reverend And The Makers have released a new track entitled Riot that sums things up pretty well we reckon.

Lead singer Jon McClure writes: “I watched the events unfolding on the news the other night the same as everyone else and was gutted to see the buildings on fire and people losing their businesses. Watching the news put me in mind of an old unfinished track that we had worked on. This is that track. It’s free, it’s not a money thing in any way but I feel it’s my job as an artist to talk about and react to what’s happening in my own way. It’s not going to be a political record in the slightest but to keep schtum when there’s rioting in the streets just ain’t me. Hope you enjoy.”

However, nobody was as psychic as Morrissey on this one with his tracks Panic and Shoplifters Of The World Unite. Morrissey for PM?