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More... Livvi Frank – Automatik

I loved Livvi Frank’s last effort Now I’m That Bitch – her personality was a gust of fresh air in anane breeze of RnB guff. This is her next single and we still reckon she’s flying the flag for slick, R&B pop the like of which Britney would go offroad for – give it a listen and you’ll be humming it for days. It has an infectious hook and Livvi showing off strong thigh muscles as well as doing squats with some added shapes – or dancing as it’s more commonly known. She also hugs herself well which is an essential skill for a pop star.

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Gorillaz – Plastic Beach


Over the last few years, Damon Albarn has dabbled in world music, composed an opera, reunited Blur and conjured up this, the third Gorillaz album, so we imagine that he must have afforded himself a wry smile when Robbie Williams collected his Lifetime Achievement award at this year’s Brits. Has Robbie really done more for the face of British music than Damon? Is Angels really superior to The Universal? Perhaps though the key thing is that Albarn is still seen as having so much to give, whereas Robbie is thought of as having his best days behind him. That Mr Albarn is obscenely talented is well acknowledged in the industry and with this latest slab of monkey business from his animated band, Murdoc and co have done the Essex boy proud, cranking out some corking tunes with a little help from their bunch of talented friends…

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Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History


Two Door Cinema Club produce delicate indie rock that’s a little bit woooh, a little bit waaay. As guitars twang and keyboards plink (for that’s what keyboards do), crowds chant lovingly in the background and happiness soars. That they’re signed to a French label just adds to their certain mystique, which says something when you remember that these are three floppy-fringed lads from Northern Ireland with some cracking hooks and zippy tunes…

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Robbie Williams – Reality Killed The Video Star


The knowing irony of Robbie’s new album title has been somewhat deadened by his recent comeback performance on the X Factor – even if he might claim he was being postmodern, wink to camera. Whatever, three years on from the generally panned Rudebox, the question isn’t is Robbie’s new album any good but rather, is Robbie the pop star worth the effort anymore?

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Singles Club


This week’s Singles Club is not covering Cheryl Cole’s new video because… Well, because we just reviewed her album and frankly she’s getting enough coverage in the greater world isn’t she? So we thought bugger it. Just so we’re clear. What we are featuring though is the likes of Alphabeat, Addictive, Imogen Heap, Foo Fighters, Miike Snow and Los Campesinos! who are all aces…

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Miike Snow – Miike Snow Review


There’s been a flurry of hype around Miike Snow and their eponymously titled debut album – as the band themselves admit it’s something they never expected when they got together to “mess around”. But they’ve got form – of the trio behind the sounds, singer Andrew Wyatt has just finished Daniel Merriweather’s new album and Swedish pair Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg are also known as Bloodshy & Avant, the writing and production team behind Britney’s Toxic as well as a stack of other pop successes including Madonna, Sugababes and Kylie Minogue. So is their hybrid debut the sound of a hundred stars spun in a blender? Er, no…

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