Pulp Top Britpop Countdown


Remember Britpop? Course you do. Floppy fringes, Fred Perry tops and all, a time before Snapchat and Twitter, a time when a chart contest between Oasis and Blur was deemed newsworthy. No, really. Last week, BBC 6 Music DJ Steve Lamacq presided over the Britpop top 40 countdown, voted for by 30,000 listeners and I was heartened to learn that my Britpop No.1 was also the listeners’ choice, beating both Oasis and Blur into the bargain…
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Suede Live Review

Suede, Bush Hall, London – October 27th

A juicy chunk of the 90s were taken up by Brett Anderson’s dandy yelps and swagger. Fast-forward nearly 20 years and he’s at it again, flashing his nipples to a hyped crowd. Last Wednesday night saw Suede’s London comeback show at London’s intimate Bush Hall, as a tiny audience squeezed into one of London’s most elaborate venues and held its breath. After little fanfare, Anderson was on-stage hair flopping around, slowly unbuttoning his flimsy shirt with every track. It felt like they’d never been away…

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Suede Interview

Suede are back and frankly, what’s not to love about that? Floppy hair all round? Tick! Singing songs about chasing cuddly dragons? Tick! With songs that all still sound aces and knock most of today’s fluff into a rather cocked hat? Tick, tickety tick! So in the spirit of being jolly excited about the reunion, we sprinted over to a fancy hotel in West London to have a coffee with the band last week and chat about what’s it like being back together again. Was it hugs all round or had they all forgotten the chords to Animal Nitrate? Drummer Simon Gilbert and keys man Neil Codling answered our questions…

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